Joan of Arc heard voices, which did her no favours at all.  I, on the other hand, hear lots of beeps and pings and whilst not necessarily heading down quite the same dramatic path as she, can’t help but worry a little.

Setting aside household chores for the weekend isn’t so much a deliberate domestic goddess strategy, more a question of imminent dearth of clean plates and underwear. Have now though whipped in the washing, packed the dishwasher to the gills, given the go-ahead to the tumble dryer, switched on the robot vacuum cleaner and (eat your heart out Jamie) thrown a lot of stuff into the slow cooker which in due course, and with a fair wind, should emerge as a casserole.

Am tempted to fling self onto nearest flat surface for a rest but feel this might be a bit previous and indeed self-indulgent. Could of course tackle linen cupboard which has become somewhat twitchy for reasons best known to itself. Don’t know what on earth’s changed in there but every time I open the door, several bath towels fall on my head, so there’s obviously something gone wrong. However, reaching relevant shelves means standing on a chair and I have busy week ahead so figure a fall’s the last thing I need.

Whilst such rationalization might not work for everyone, it satisfies me and nip upstairs to finish and check some notes and a quote for a client which should go off first thing on Monday. Sadly become distracted by the siren call of Tweet Deck and spend a fair amount of time responding, looking up interesting things mentioned and tutting that so many people are, like me, happily whiling away a whole morning saying nothing hugely important to each other. Addictive or what?

By this time, something’s beeping downstairs. Small, but I hope helpful, suggestion to the technical brains behind our domestic gadgetry. If instead of a beep, the machine could identify itself ie, ‘This is your dishwasher speaking…’, it would save a heck of a lot of time mistakenly trying to force open the washing machine door in mid-cycle. Shall say no more!

Have not started the week in a good way. On the phone to a new client, taking notes, sipping coffee and being consummate professional when large white dog (daughter’s) launches itself from the door onto to my lap in paroxysm of excitement at visiting. Phone heads left, coffee heads right, hang on to professional manner with some effort. Don’t like to shout ‘Down’ as feel this could confuse client, neither do I feel can mention there’s now a new enthusiastic member of the team, lapping coffee out of my in-tray. Decide to just continue discussing marketing strategy.

~ end ~