Client meeting first thing, someone I’ve done work for in the past’s bringing her chartered accountant husband who wants his website revamping. Can see as they arrive he’s here under protest.

We discuss what he might like. He’s mournfully monosyllabic, keeps gazing past me and when he is persuaded to talk, volunteers that he hates what he does, always has. Wanted, he says, to be a gardener, working with his hands, not with bloody figures but of course that wouldn’t bring in the money.

She says she’s sure it’s not her fault he’s not happy, she’s always said do what you want. He says, yes, but where were the holidays and the clothes going to come from then. Am uncomfortably aware I’m suddenly in the midst of a domestic. Finish notes as swiftly as possible and see them off with a cheerful wave as they bicker down the path.

Retire gratefully to office and am halfway through a complicated piece for a conflict resolution specialist, could have done with her earlier, when computer suddenly ups and dies on me. I look at blank screen blankly. It’s never done this before. A couple of little lights on the front wink bravely at me then go out. Panic mounts. Press the start up and it doesn’t. Complete and utter horror sets in and sad to report I revert completely to Neanderthal, need a man back in the cave. Pick up the phone and shriek at R who luckily works locally. Come home I say, am in extremis not to mention homicidal, suicidal and definitely not happy!

My wonderful man rolls up five minutes later. Whereupon I reel off all the jobs not started, half finished or coming back for amendments. R hums and hahs in a techie sort of way presses all the buttons I’ve pressed then delves into the rats nest of wires, transformers, transducers and god knows what else that festoon the study floor, fiddles around and hey presto. Apparently a plug got pulled, I’ve been working on battery and it was that which finally died on me. I am deeply, deeply ashamed, as well I should be. Were there sackcloth and ashes to hand I’d be making use thereof. R returns to work muttering never mind Create Communication more like Create Chaos.

Were I a wiser woman, though think we’ve established beyond doubt where I stand on that front, would have called it a day there and then and retired to a darkened bedroom with damp cloth on forehead. However, I plunge back in. Complete two pages of work and then press the Oh **** !! key on the computer. Not sure where that is? Well it’s located in different places on different computers but when you’ve found it, trust me, you’ll know. Suffice to say I know I’ve saved the piece of work and it’s somewhere in the ruddy system but can I find it? I cannot! Can hear the siren call of darkened room and damp cloth.