What we do for businesses

Our skills lie in getting your communication in smooth working order, for example:

NAME & STRAP LINE: If people don’t immediately understand from your name and strapline, what your business is and does, you’re in trouble!  We ensure that doesn’t happen.

BUSINESS MESSAGE: People need to instantly understand what you’re offering, why they might want it and why you’re the best company to supply it. We make your message tick all the right boxes.

WEB SITE TEXT should show and tell what makes you different. People need to like it, because they need to like you. We make your texts talk!

FLYERS & BROCHURES: Marketing pieces need a unique ‘attention grabber’. Our marketing pieces tend to hit the nail on the head.    

SPEECHES & PRESENTATIONS: Many of us would rather have root canal treatment than speak in public. But with the right script, you can have an audience eating out of your hand instead of going for your throat. Doesn’t that sound a better option?  

BIOGRAPHIES & CV’S: It’s tough writing about yourself because we’ve all been told from an early age not to blow our own trumpet. Let us haul your light from under that bushel.

WE’RE ALSO DAB HANDS, should you want us to be, at creating:


In fact, when it comes to the written word, we like to think we can help you with most things. We even have the Little Black Business Book e-book series offering some practical input.

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Your cutting edge copywriter

Your cutting edge copywriter