Some days Ethel feels like communicating.
Some days she doesn’t!

Some days Ethel feels like communicating. Some days she doesn’t!

Unlike Ethel, if youʼre in business, you donʼt have that luxury.

You have a product or service you want to sell.

There are potential clients out there who will want to buy.

But unless you communicate with them clearly, there’s nothing doing!

That’s where we come in. As copywriters, it’s our job to help you talk about your business with clarity, coherence and consistency.

You should probably know…

  • We’re always practical, because it doesn’t matter how imaginative, clever and creative a message is, if people don’t ‘get it’, then it’s a message down the drain!
  • We’re not creative prima donnas, so won’t have a hissy fit and drum our heels on the floor if you don’t like some of our suggestions.
  • We’re specialists at sticking our noses into other people’s businesses, because the more we learn about what you do, the better we can tell everyone else.

We work to some tried and tested rules.


We won’t use several words when one will do. Yes, we know Shakespeare always did, but he was working to a completely different agenda.


We believe in presenting your information clearly. If we don’t, people’s eyes start to glaze over – and that’s never a good thing.


A business message isn’t doing the business unless it hooks people’s attention and sticks in their mind.


Don’t worry if you’re not entirely clear in your mind what you want to say. Once we’ve chatted, we’ll almost certainly be able to sort that out.