Naturally, If you blather on an enough about trusting your own business instincts and the importance of clarity in communication people start to say, put your money where your mouth is.

So, I’ve grasped the nettle, seized the moment and gone with the flow. The result is 4 small (but bossy. Sound like anyone we know?) business books the first two of which are going to be available as e-books from Tuesday 15th June from my web site.

If you have a moment I’ve slipped in an excerpt below and you’ll see at the base of the page how the actual ebook looks thanks to the magic touch of Gail D’almaine my wonderful book designer.



Work/Life balance are words that get bandied around a lot and we’re certainly all aware we should take more time for ourselves. Most of us plan to do just that – as soon as we have a moment.

So how important is it that you do rip a hole in the fabric of your day for time out? Actually pretty darn important and it’s not about kindness to yourself at all. It’s just plain common sense that you can only maximise, your business if you’re running on all four cylinders. Talented though we are and amazingly adept at keeping numerous plates spinning at any one time, we’re not working at maximum efficiency or effectiveness if we’ve got brain strain. Nor do stress and creativity sit comfortably together and as for lateral, innovative thinking and spotting opportunity – forget it!

The concern is that so many of us work such silly hours that we actually get used to feeling like a wrung out dishcloth all the time and the danger is we accept that as perfectly  normal and that’s not really very bright is it? And don’t for one moment feel you’re getting a lecture here because I’m sooooo in there with you. Indeed leaning as I do towards the OCD type of personality, I’m probably one of the worst sinners of the lot! However, I’ve recognised it and isn’t that step 1?

This is not a nap, it’s business management

So here’s a suggestion and don’t fall around laughing. In the same way you have to make time in your day for meetings, responding to emails, initiating marketing plans, ordering a new cartridge for the printer and last but of course not least, networking to pull in more business – how about you set aside an hour (30 minutes at a pinch) as an official recharging time. And make it official, put it into your diary every day in the same way you put in a meeting or an arranged phone consultation. And don’t you dare put it down under the heading of self-indulgence, note it as Business Management. And don’t say you can’t because the only person who has to give you permission is YOU!

Which way to the nearest exit?

It may seem a bit daft to be thinking about this now, but actually it’s down to our good old

standby, common sense – and I know you’re going to be sick of this phrase  by the time you’ve ploughed through my ramblings but sorry my friends, there’s no getting away from it.

After all, most times when you get into anything car, plane, shopping centre you’ve a pretty good idea of how you’re going to get out again. It’s not really something you give a huge amount of thought to (except in the case of a plane if like me you’re a hysterically nervous passenger) it’s just something you know.

You do it too, when you invest your hard earned dosh in a house or a flat, it may be somewhere you plan to live for years but nevertheless, part of your decision-making will be based on things like – it’s awfully near the main road, I don’t mind, but what about when I want to re-sell, will that be an isse?

So whilst you’re investing blood, sweat and tears getting into your business, spare a thought as to how, why and when you might want to get out. This might not be for three, five  or twenty years but how cleverly you build now, will dictate how smoothly and profitably you slip on out when the time’s right.

~end excerpt~

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