If there’s one thing that makes me cross it’s hearing someone say of themselves, ‘I’m just a homemaker.’ Because we all know anyone who’s juggled plates on the poles of household and family is better qualified than almost anyone, to do almost anything! 

Most could probably on any one day, lower the National Debt; equalize house prices, kick climate change into order, bring matrons back to the NHS, sort supper, and cuddle anyone who’s feeling down.  Of course, anytime that homemaker decided it was time to get out and hit the job market, there’s a lot they’d bring with them.


  • Time manager.
  • Natural networker
  • Motivated
  • Oil-on-troubled-waters-pourer specialist.
  • First aid knowledge.
  • Forward planner.
  • Toilet blockage clearance expertise.
  • Logistics facilitator.
  • Event Organiser
  • Exam revision coach
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Catering from basic to Nigella.
  • Steady driving whilst answering detailed sex questions. 
  • Saintly ability to refrain from violence when asked “In a little bit of a state are we?”

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