Heard of the Fainting Goats?  They’re a breed of goat with an odd quirk in their nervous system. When they have a fright, their muscles freeze. Consequently they topple over. Sideways! No don’t laugh, it’s not funny.

Actually I can rather easily see myself as a fainting goat. What about you? Isn’t there often the temptation when presented with something you really don’t want to deal with to just go ‘Ohhh’ and keel over gently?  Whilst this might be mildly unsettling for anyone else in the room, it seems to me to be an excellent strategy. Just think, whilst lying prone, you could do a bit of deep breathing, calm yourself down, think through the issue that’s reared its ugly head,  and not get up again till you felt ready and able.  Strikes me as a hugely useful addition to any business tool-kit!

In the unlikely event you don’t believe me and think these neurotic goats are simply a figment of my imagination, look them up,  the name for the goat breed is myotonic.

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