As a commercial writer, I write the words that people want to use for strap lines, on websites, in brochures, newsletters or in spoken presentations, so today I’m talking about contractions. But before you all start breathing in short pants and shrieking you can’t go on any more – not those contractions! I’m talking about ones you read or hear all the time without consciously registering them.

I’ve been using contractions as I speak to you here – they’re the tiny difference between saying I’m here and I am here. But if I drop the contractions and carry on with what I am saying, my tone of voice is going to sound very different indeed. Eliminating contractions changes tone and pace and whilst it will not change the sense of what you are hearing, it will change entirely how you hear it. It changes the flow, the tone, the warmth and most importantly the connection between words and reader or listener.

Small changes making large differences!

~ end ~