OK, here’s the situation – I’ve finally given in and thrown myself on to Twitter. Can however see potential potholes and problems lurking. Am in fact not totally convinced this is an arena into which someone veering towards the OCD end of the scale like my good self, should be.

Indeed, was alarmed to find myself, logging on at 6.30 a.m. this morning and plunging straight into Tweet deck before even glancing at my emails. Not a problem, if self-control is strong enough to take a quick look, fire off a few pert if not pertinent replies and move swiftly on. But goodness me, all these fascinating references to things of which I knew not wot! So many trails to follow and, dear reader, am ashamed to say set off on several of these with the enthusiasm of a frustrated blood-hound.

Really don’t want to go into too much detail – suffice to say this morning has not been a hugely productive one in terms of work (for which I get paid!) but have created an amusing (well it amused me!) backdrop for my page with the help of Gladys, learnt several things I probably didn’t need to know about other people’s daily routines, made several interesting new friends and am following and being followed by lots of people I’d never heard of before today.