Do you, like me, have a strong urge to sharply kick the shin of any woman who says she’s just a mum?

In fact we all of us know full well that anyone who’s ever juggled the spinning plates and poles of household and family, is almost certainly a darn sight better qualified than most politicians to put a stop to all this double-dip recession talk.

At the same time she’d be sorting the National Debt; equalizing house prices clearing up the ash cloud and bringing matrons back en masse to the NHS. And, if after all that, there was a slight disinclination towards a hot oven, she’d have set up a take-away.

Look at a job spec for a just at homer:

  • Excellent time management.
  • Natural networking abilities.
  • Motivated.
  • Experienced oil-on-troubled-waters-pourer.
  • Knowledge of first aid but sense enough to know when to head for A&E.
  • Forward planning, long and short term.
  • Results/goal orientated.
  • Toilet/waste disposal blockage clearance expertise.
  • Negotiation strengths.
  • Catering skills from basic to Nigella.
  • Safe and steady driving whilst discussing the facts of life and wrapping birthday present for a party.
  • Making a budget stretch in unexpected directions.
  • And last but not least, ability to maintain a saintly demeanour when someone says “bit snappy are we? Time of the month?”

I consider my case rested![tweetmeme source=”Marilyn_messik” only_single=false]