There can be little doubt attention spans are getting shorter – actually, not sure mine was ever that long in the first place! But of course, this is never so relevant as when we want to get messages across.  So, what works and what doesn’t?

I spend lots of time stripping text down to the bare essentials – and don’t think I’m on a high horse here, when it comes to wittering on, I’m amongst the very worst offenders – but we all suffer from a bit of verbal diarrhoea from time to time don’t we? We all imagine the one thing we don’t put on our website or in our brochures is the one thing a potential client will be looking for and won’t find.

 So can we whittle things down and still say what we want – well take Rapunzel:

  •       Handsome prince.
  •       High stone tower.
  •       Small window at top. Beautiful girl.
  •       He calls, Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.
  •       She does. He climbs.
  •       Unfortunately Rapunzel’s had hair extensions.
  •       No happy ending after all!

 Just 33 words – but a very clear message. Why? Well, the  words are so highly visual and of course they trade on our familiarity with the story. Most of all though, they make us smile. And, as you’ll probably have gathered – I believe humour is the most powerful marketing tool we have!