As you may know, my business is copywriting which is all about perception and understanding. So I try to put myself into the heads of different people – think the way they might, because when they read what I write, I need them to hear exactly what I want them to hear. The difficulty is of course that people often see things in completely different ways. Take Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson who once went on a camping trip. Holmes says,

 “Watson, tell me what you see” and Watson says,  

“ I look up and I see the infinity of the sky the clarity of the crescent moon and a million points of light as the stars shine coldly down on us. What do you see Holmes?

 and Holmes says

 “I see somebody’s stolen our bloody tent!”

 So there you go, same set of circumstances, different interpretations. When you’re marketing your businesses to your potential clients, are you certain they’re getting the message and not missing the point?