Am perfectly prepared to admit I might be considered geographically challenged. In fact, probably true to say half the time don’t know who I am, let alone where I am.  So felt it was a huge step forward when I took up with a Tom Tom at Christmas (am going to avoid the urge to write Christmas twice).

Like all relationships it’s had its ups and downs. First was the issue of where to put it.  Who knew it had a temperamental rear end that would only take to some surfaces and not to others.  Also, did Citroen in their wisdom when putting together my Picasso, which in all other aspects has served me well, give one single thought to where a person might attach a reluctant Tom Tom?

Trial and error led to small spot adjacent to rearview mirror – rather an elegant, two-birds-with-one-stone kind of solution I felt, check one, check the other.  Time and motion and all that.  Programmed the TT and set off smugly, no more driving round and round in circles for this little lady.

Couple of miles down the road, flipping thing fell off with a bang and clatter that nearly gave me a heart attack.  Am not a nervous driver but truth to tell, don’t think I’ve ever really got over that time a small ornamental wall reversed into me whilst I was doing a three point turn. It’s also, I’d  point out, not easy driving with your head between your knees trying to locate damned device, at same time as listening to where it’s telling you to go.

Only when I’d arrived at my destination, a tad hot and bothered, having had to stop and ram the ruddy thing back on several times with enough force to put out the windscreen, that someone pointed out you have to rotate the panel to form a tight suction between the base and the window. Well, who’d have thought?